Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kiddies Star Finals

Finally found time to post last Saturday's event. Hooray! Anyway, instead of my usual Naruto Marathon weekend, I found myself doing a judging stint for LP Kiddies Star Finals instead. Tita Ding requested me to judge the kiddie pageant along with Ma'am Boladola and Mula Sa Puso's heartthrob JM De Guzman. In an attempt to lessen my all-consuming unproductive time doing nothing, I accepted the invitation. 

from left to right (Ma'am Boladola, Jm de Guzman, and me)

It wasn't an easy job judging the contestants since they were all quirky, cute, and talented! It was definitely a showcase of talents and wit. At the end of the show, it looked like all three of us, the judges, had more or less the same choices...:)

After that, JM performed a song number for the audience..Hmmm..Judging by the looks of it, this was definitely something the crowd was waiting for all day.. I couldn't blame them though, JM is a really good singer unlike other local actors who try to sing but just doesn't have the talent at all. Aside from that, he's a real gentleman you see. At dinner, he was the one getting the food for my plate!..hmmm..(and i thought all gentlemen in the world were extinct..)

 JM singing for the crowd

 from left to right (me, Jm, and the lovely host and my friend, Mimi)

Autograph signing

I want to thank the organizers and Lee Plaza for inviting me to judge this event. And thanks for the lovely gift, my new coffee canon lens mug! :)



burcu d. said...

you look great! the kiddies are so cute.

take care!


Angela Sison said...

thanks burcu...:) yeah..the kids were awesome! :D

The Cat Hag said...

The kids look adorable, and the event looks like it was great fun!

The Cat Hag

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

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Maria Flicka said...

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Have a nice day!


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