Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A little love for Channing and Jenna

Hey guys! As you may have noticed, I have a new addition to my blog..I'm aware that I've already said this countless times before but I'll have to say it again for EMPHASIS...hehe.. I am a huge fan of Channing Tatum and of course his wifey, the lovely and talented choreographer Jenna Dewan (my number one dance diva idol of all time).

Both of them have really inspired me a lot hence Postallthelove was born! I got the name from Channing Tatum's small yet successful social media website's pretty much like Twitter though it's powered by Typepad..Given the fact that I got the name from them, I wanted to show my gratitude by inviting others to also be a part of the PTL family. Plus, you can also follow Channing Tatum's account here.. In PTL, everyone gets the chance to show the world their love for just about anything! Even Channing himself gets close to his fans by replying back..:) He's such a doll! But that's when he's not so busy though..Word is that he's currently finished filming the comedy "21 Jump Street" alongside Jonah Hill and a cameo appearance by Johnny Depp. The movie hits theaters this March 16, 2012. As of late, he's now set to do another film titled "Magic Mike", an indie film in which he will also be working alongside Alex Pettyfer from "I am Number Four" and "Beastly". It is a story about friendship that took place in the world of exotic male dancing...and yes, inspired by Channing's early real life experiences as an exotic dancer..hehehe..:) I was surprised when I first knew about this..but I still came to respect Channing anyway regardless of what he did before..I mean, who are we kidding..Everyone,at some point in their lives, have had some ugly past right? We don't get to judge somebody according to what he was..but rather, how he came out to be after all that..:) Yes? Right..Nonetheless, that still does not stop me from enjoying his "exotic" moves..Below is a video of the young Channing before he started out his career..:) haha..:)

That was real treat! Hope you guys sign up at can also see the link from my sidebar..:) See you soon! Right now, I'll be having a shut-eye before I head out to watch Naruto!! I've completely gone nuts over this! :D Bye for now!


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