Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dinner delight

Yesterday at dinner was perfect in that I was in a natural state of happiness. We went out to eat at Dimsum Diner. A mix of happy moments started with having dessert being served first--Fruit Fluff Cobbler..Mmmmmm! Instead of the usual cherry on top, I love how they used a slice of strawberry for it. That was a real treat! And BTW, in case you're wondering, I've been following the "eat desserts first before the main course" practice lately. My mother told us that after she heard it from a medical conference they had. That way of life is now being practiced by Japanese and other Asian countries. It so happens that sweets being eaten first leave little sugar in the mouth because later courses scour it away which will prevent a lot of tooth decay. Also, for the weight-conscious people, this practice provides them much added benefit. Eating desserts first will kill much of their appetite and thus, taking seconds on the main course becomes unlikely. Anyway, so much for that..Hmmm.. We had Spicy Honey Chicken and i forgot the name of the rice--something like the Shanghai Rice or somewhere around that neighborhood..Yum! To make it even more perfect was the kind weather. aHh! 


Makes me think we could use a little distance from all the material things in this world, and take greater focus on having a bigger perspective in life. Let's take time to reflect. 

Empty plates. Full stomach. That's how I would prefer it.


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