So who am I? 

My name's Angela Sison. 21. Located in the Philippines. 5'2. Lover of life and love, ultimate movie junkee, a Blaisus, registered nurse and aspiring doctor(?!)..all rolled into one piece.

I am a positive person--or at least I try to be. I'm thankful for all the things that happened and still to happen for me--good or bad..thankful for I've been  given a voice to speak my mind and tactful at that.

Other than my parents, the most influential persons in my life are my siblings. I value their opinions and thoughts more than anybody else's.

Two things my friends say about me: accident-prone and loyal..:)

My best life skills: I'm paranoid sometimes..or maybe most of the time...My mind is usually preoccupied with thoughts about bad things that can happen to me--like an accident or something like that. That's why I always bring a SHARP cutter in my bag for my defense and try to be extra vigilant in my surroundings..and I always formulate a disaster control plan in my mind whenever I'm in a new situation or in a new place. More often than not, I laugh at the genius of my plans. :) But I like to think of it more as an advantage for me. Thinking ahead can  be very handy.

The one thing that people don't know about me that I wish they would is that I'm really approachable. I always find it funny how the people who don't know you are the ones who have the most to say about you. Hmmm..

I kinda like blogging..so hear me roar! :) Think it's a form of catharsis, albeit sometimes I don't make any sense at all.

I can't live without my glasses or contact lens, my purse, and my make-up kit.

I enjoy fashion.  Life can be so much fun if you dress up, down, or sideways every now and then.

I love reading books...It brings out the ingenuity in me. 

..Think that's all you need to know. So take a look around... and P.S. I don't hate comments..:)

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