Saturday, May 21, 2011


I always say the best moments in life can be the ones that are unplanned. 7 hours earlier, the afternoon heat was unforgiving as usual so my sisters and I decided to take a breather from all the work we were caught up with and go for a swim somewhere..We brought little Dodongski with us since he loves the water so much he could be the next Percy Jackson..:) Needless to say, we had fun especially Dodongski.. After hours of non-stop swimming, his palms and soles got all pruned up..:)


What's with the face Ate AN?! hehehe
Little Siokoy on the loose

Playing with Kyla

The little Loch ness monster..:)
Mother and son quality time
Feather pendant with me


Enjoying the sunset
Lolo posing for the camera..:)


geishcharles said...

love the sunset pic! i followed u btw xox

Angela Sison said...

hi geish! Thanks for following! i checked out your blog..i love it...keep posting sis!:D i followed u too..:)

Hair Romance said...

Adore your hat! Esp in the first pic - gorgeous!

Angela Sison said...

thanks! :) I've been reading your blog posts and i love the hairstyles you come up with! Keep it up! :D

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