Thursday, May 5, 2011

Naruto Marathon

Too many times I've heard people talk about Naruto like he's the Japanese version of Superman--sans the red cape and huge biceps that is..:) I know many friends of mine to be true blue fans of the character and the story. They keep themselves updated with the latest episode or download Manga chapters on the net. 

My brother-in-law and a brilliant computer engineer, Kuya Mitch, says he draws inspiration from Naruto. According to him, Naruto is a non-quitter. Despite the rough journey he has traversed and the many people trying to put his spirits down, he still manages to approach life through kindness--something I wish I'll have someday.

So is it too late for me to catch up? Hmm..Lucky for me, Sol (a walking movie and TV series guide) has everything I need to keep up with this anime series! Hoora! Hoora! Time to ditch sleep and pull on my all-nighters!


Mitch said...

This post is brilliant! :)

Angela Sison said...

hahaha...starring ka diri kuya mitch!:)

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