Monday, April 25, 2011

Travel food

Iloilo Part 2 (April 23-24)
Though i wanted to scour on a much heavier breakfast on our first day in Iloilo again, I ordered this delicable tuna sandwich from the restaurant beside The Grand Tower Suites instead. I thought starting the day right with a light stomach will save me from any unwanted trips to the bathroom..(if u know what i mean...) 

It was a good decision I had light breakfast because it gave extra room in my stomach to savor this delish piece of dessert at dinner, Creme Brulee. hooooooooray! Forgive me if i sound a tad bit enthusiastic..This was my first time to eat this.. Though I already heard alot about it on TV, my taste buds weren't that lucky enough to taste this dessert before. So cheers to me and to all desserts still to come my way! :) 


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