Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting Back On My Feet

I'm Baaaack! and this time it's for good...My previous blog was suspended for reasons i can't fully understand..something about problems with the servers they had. So instead of waiting for nothing, I decided to make my own blog..BY MYSELF..no help from my cousin this time. AH! What an achievement I made in just a couple of minutes. Clap! Clap! This blog definitely will be a compilation of all things I love and anything that pops out of my mind--get ready for the weird stuff..I've also thought this would be a great way for my family and friends to keep updates from me..although there's Facebook and Twitter, I'd prefer my own blog since it gives some sort of personal touch to it. Also, I like the idea of how this might refine my writing skills. I hope to develop my own personal and unique style of writing in the process. And of course, it seems like a good way of venting out feelings--positive or not. This is a place where I can shout my heart out if i want to or curse at something whenever I want--it's my page anyway ..teehee..:)


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